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(SAN DIEGO, March 15, 2024) – The San Diego Fire-Rescue Foundation received a generous grant totaling $367,000 from the San Diego River Conservancy. This funding launches an innovative fire prevention project by the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department aimed at preserving the San Diego River Watershed. The initiative will include strategic brush management, weed abatement, and the application of Citrotech®, an environmentally friendly fuel treatment recognized on the EPA’s Safer Choice list.

“This grant underscores our commitment to collaborative efforts with the San Diego Fire-Rescue Foundation,” said Julia Richards, executive director of the San Diego River Conservancy. “The partnership reflects our dedication to safeguarding communities in the San Diego River watershed. We eagerly anticipate further collaboration with the San Diego Fire-Rescue Foundation to execute projects benefiting both the department and the city.”

The initiative replaces conventional gas-powered equipment with advanced battery-powered tools and integrates emissions-free machinery. Core aspects of the project include establishing fire breaks to safeguard evacuation routes and vital infrastructure, introducing new vehicles for improved access to challenging terrains, and conducting extensive community outreach to bolster wildfire preparedness.

In addition to traditional, proven risk reduction methodologies, the program uses the MFB-31-Citrotech® technology. This product is EPA-certified as a Safer Choice, and it is the first fire retardant to meet the EPA’s Clean Water Act standards. It is also the only fire inhibitor in the EPA’s Safer Choice program that promises environmental safety to vegetation and waterways.

“I am deeply grateful to the San Diego River Conservancy for their support,” said Wendy Robinson, executive director of the San Diego Fire-Rescue Foundation. “Their partnership emphasizes the significant impact of the grant on enhancing fire safety measures and promoting community involvement in wildfire risk reduction.”

The Foundation is committed to leading this comprehensive approach to fire prevention, aiming to protect and educate the community while ensuring a safer, more resilient San Diego.



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Established in 2002, the San Diego River Conservancy is a non-regulatory state agency focused on conserving resources. Its Governing Board fosters partnerships and includes state, local, and public members. The Conservancy preserves land, protects wildlife, and provides recreational and educational opportunities. Since 2021, the Conservancy has approved over $23 million in grants for wildfire and forest resilience projects in San Diego County. Learn more at