Frequently Asked Questions

Who we are

Established by former firefighters and community leaders, the San Diego Fire-Rescue Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to meeting the equipment, training, and program needs of the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department. Comprised of a volunteer board and an executive director, our foundation is committed to serving the San Diego community and enhancing local safety. Join us in supporting the brave men and women who help keep our homes and families safe.

Whom we serve

Our foundation supports the dedicated professional firefighters, lifeguards, and paramedics of the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department. By doing so, we believe we’re contributing to the overall strength of the San Diego region. Join us in supporting those who put their lives on the line to keep us safe.

What we do

Our Foundation is dedicated to equipping the men and women of the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department with the best possible resources to safeguard our residents, property, and environment. Through a combination of grants, individual donations, and corporate partnerships, we provide enhanced equipment, training, training, and program support. By working together, we can ensure our firefighters are well-equipped to keep San Diego and the surrounding region safe. The Foundation is designed to accept donations, on behalf of the community, to provide direct support to meet the needs of the Department.

How you can help
  • Join our Board of Directors and help lead and grow the Foundation
  • Share information about the Foundation with potential donors and corporate partners
  • Participate in Foundation events by attending, fundraising or volunteering

The Foundation is here to serve those who serve us all and your support is an investment in public safety. For more information about the San Diego Fire-Rescue Foundation contact Wendy Robinson, Executive Director, at 619.410.4742 or

What we’ve funded

Items the Foundation has recently funded include:

  • Genesis Rescue Tools: Equipping our firefighters with the rescue tools needed to work quickly, efficiently, and effectively improves outcomes for the rescued individuals and the firefighters responding.
  • Supplemental community education resources to support Fire Prevention Week, SDFD Recruiting, Girl’s Empowerment Camp, Women’s Fire Prep Academy, SDFD Fire Cadets, wildland fire preparedness materials, and education materials for SDFD’s school and station visit program.
  • SDFD Honor Guard
  • Cordico Wellness App
  • Multi-Gas Air Detectors
  • Thousands of dollars for fire stations enhancements