Current Funding Initiatives

Your support matters because approximately 85% of the City’s budget for the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department goes towards salaries and benefits, leaving just 15% to provide essential equipment, new technology, and training programs. These budget constraints create funding gaps for equipment needed for everyday incidents, to resources for specialty units, like the Urban Search & Rescue, Air Operations, and Youth Development Programs.

We work with SDFD leadership to identify unmet needs and provide a means for the community to help. Funds raised help provide our fire-rescue personnel with the necessary items they need to remain better protected and prepared. And the better prepared they are, the better protected we are. Learn more about the impact your donations make in our community.

firefighters using chainsaws

Compat Application Tourniquets
(1,000 needed @ $35/per tourniquet)
Wildfires are becoming an increasingly dangerous threat to both civilians and firefighters, and the Foundation is committed to equipping every San Diego firefighter with a combat application tourniquet (CAT) for their wildland pack. Combat application tourniquets are designed to quickly and effectively stop severe bleeding, which can be the difference between life and death in an emergency. When seconds count, having a tourniquet easily accessible is vital.


  • Paratech vehicle extrication airbags for all truck companies
  • SCBA & Helmet Unit ID Tags
  • “Shark Navigator”
  • Equipment for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)
  • Water Rescue PPE for shore-based water rescues (263 sets needed)
  • Community Education Program support
  • Girls Empowerment Camp
  • Women’s Fire Prep Academy
  • SDFD Cadet Program

Your gifts ensure safety and protection for our region and our fire-rescue personnel. We cannot do what we do without your support. We invite you to join us today as a community partner in making San Diego and the surrounding region safer for our fire-rescue personnel and our residents with a tax-deductible gift of support.