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who we are

Formed in 2005, the San Diego Fire Rescue Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded by former firefighters and dedicated community leaders to help provide the unmet needs of the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department. Tax-deductible donations to the Fire Rescue Foundation directly supports the work of  San Diego’s firefighters, lifeguards, and paramedics.

our mission is strengthening public safety

Our mission is to provide enhanced equipment, training, technology, and community education resources so the world-class first responders of the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department are better equipped to protect the residents, property, and environment of San Diego and the surrounding region.


Each day, our first responders – firefighters, lifeguards, and emergency medical personnel – serve more than 1.3 million San Diegans and visitors and cover nearly 331 square miles. Rigorously trained to treat all types of injuries and meet any challenge, the men and women of the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department are here to serve our community.

the problem

The importance of our first responders’ work is undeniable. Unfortunately, due to drastic budget cuts, the city government can only do so much to support public services. With a tough economy, our first responders often go without specialized equipment and training that would make them safer and their actions more effective.

the solution

The Fire Rescue Foundation provides the means to introduce and/or improve equipment, training, technology and community education resources that will enable our fire fighters, lifeguards and paramedics to perform their tasks more safely, effectively, and efficiently to the benefit of our San Diego community. Your support keeps our world-class Fire-Rescue Department at the top of its ability to serve.
Will you be a hero for our heroes?

Will you be a hero for our heroes?

Thank you for being there for the men and women, San Diego’s dedicated first responders, who work tirelessly to keep our communities safe. Because of your dedication, I count you as a first responder, as well .   Many people may not know that the majority of San Diego...

Meet the Fire Chief

Meet the Fire Chief

San Diego’s 18th fire chief is something of an outsider, but also a familiar face. Chief Colin Stowell started his career with the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department thirty years ago and rose through the ranks to become Assistant Chief of Emergency Operations in 2015. A...